About Us

AppInfluencer was founded by a team of experts in the field of Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Mobile Game Development. Our goal is to maximize our Influencers revenue potential whilst delivering market leading ROI for our Advertiser partners.


Channel Monetization

AppInfluencer provides you with the opportunity to drive more revenue and increase engagement with your audience, fans or followers. Get your account set up within minutes and start earning within hours.

Audience Matching

The AppInfluencer team works with you to deliver the most relevant mobile games and applications for your audience based on age, gender and geographical location. No one size fits all strategy.

Increase Engagement

Boost engagement amongst your loyal subscribers with AppInfluencer. Allow your audience to take an active role in your channel’s success with our unique range of monetization tools.

Social Monetization

Start earning more revenue from your channel today with the AppInfluencer Channel Supporter tool. Get started within minutes.

Allow your fans and subscribers to help you make more valuable content with our Channel Supporter tool. You simply promote your free ‘Apps of The Week’ and get paid for every successful install that takes place. Your subscribers get the latest mobile games and apps and you earn more revenue from your channel.

Dedicated Account Manager

All of our Social Influencers are treated like part of the AppInfluencer family. You are allocated a dedicated account manager to suit your geo location.

Unlimited Options

AppInfluencer has access to thousands of daily campaigns and offers meaning that you can rely on our platform to drive revenue whenever you choose to use it.

No Fixed Contracts

AppInfluencer is not an Multi-Channel and we do not tie you into any restrictive contracts. Simply use AppInfluencer as and when you need us.

Simple Dashboard

Track all of your performance data and most importantly your revenue statistics via the AppInfluencer Dashboard. Our team are on-hand to walk you through getting set up.

Monetize Global Users

AppInfluencer will help you monetize your total audience or subscriber base. Our global reach ensures you don't leave potential revenue on the table.

Exclusive Direct Offers

AppInfluencer are able to provide you with an exclusive range of offers that are not available via other platforms. This helps ensure you are consistently promoting unique content.


Trusted Influencers

All of our Social Influencers are fully vetted before becoming part of our network. We ensure that they are not engaged with any misleading techniques or untrustworthy behaviour.

Advertising Account Manager

AppInfluencer provides full account management including helping you set up your first campaign through to post launch reviews. Our team are here to help maximize your ad spend.

Paid on Results

AppInfluencer does not work with fixed fee or project cost influencers. All of our network work on a paid on results basis. You receive full transparency with your budget without any hidden set up fees.

Campaign Dashboard

Keep track of your ad spend via the AppInfluencer Advertiser Dashboard. Monitor your campaign in real-time or speak directly with your Account Manager for updates.

Increase Retention

Increase your chances of retaining your new users by using the AppInfluencer platform. Our network of influencers become your mobile applications best friend whilst promoting to their audience.

Anti-Fraud Monitoring

AppInfluencer has market-leading anti-fraud measures in place to ensure that every install is a legitimate user from our trusted Social Influencers.

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